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I figured I would post a bit. Today I started a second job, it was alright Im doing the same thing at this other place as my current job, maintenance crap. I have my national regristry coming on the 15th for EMT-B so I have been studying alot for that I shouldnt have waited a year befor doing it becasue im rusty on all the shit. I figure that im gonna fail but atleast Ill find out what the tests are gonna be like than ill know what to study for the retake. Im not looking forward to that at all. but other than that summer is here and ive just been enjoying the weather when its not 95 dagrees atleast. I sold my Jeep a few months ago :( that was a big bummer I just couldnt afford to drive it anymore it was getting like 13 miles to a gallen and my mom sold me her escort so im driving that now. Me and dave are going to ozz fest next month its gonna be so fun I love people watching there because theres so many weirdoes. well I cant think of anythintg else oh by the way I was just wondering who dollface broken is?
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