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Tonight Dave, my bro and I went to the northville mental hospital. The place has been compleatly abandon for over a year now except a few secerity guards that watch the place. We got there about 10:30 walked the long walk in and found some new buildings to go in. This is the 3rd time Ive been there and every time we try going into new buildings. There has to be about 30 diffrent buildings on this property they have the outer living corters about 25 of them there each about the size of a elementry schools, these are the buildings we were in. than theres the big main building, its about 12 13 storys tall. that building is ocupied with sucurity advice dont go in there!! than they have the rec building with the gym and everything and they also have a power plant that still feeds the buildings with some power. were entered one of the smaller living courter buildings through a window explored it for a wile and than found a way to the basement were we found tunnels that connect all the buildings than we walked to 2 other buildings through the tunnels it was the coolest abandon place Ive been to yet. maybe not I dont think anything could beat the paper mill. We finally decided to leave and go see the outside of the big main building we walked up to it and walked around and decided it would defently not be a good idea to go in so we headed back we crossed over this big feild to the service road were we walked under some street lights pointing out exactly wear we were than were heard a car coming looked back and saw head lights so we bolted into the woods and hid we watched it drive by like 8 times looking for us with the serch light chris said he lost his damn phone so me and dave went back looking for it we ended not finding it so we left. That was the funnest night Iv had in a long time since thoes night we used to get chased out of ardmore by the cops. woo it was fun! Im going to bed peace
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