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I havent been so pissed about a bunch of shit befor

so like about a month ago I went out and baoght two tickets to the red hot chilli peppers me christina ryan and his woman were gonna go ryan bought his own and I was like rock and roll so than I had them in my car for a wile and some how they made there way to my dashboard so my car got real hot and the tickets are printed on this paper that if there exposd to heat they turn black so I went to look at them the other day and they turned all black so I was like shit I just figured Id take them to ticket master and get them replaced well they didnt they said its on heat paper so if someone trys to copy them in a copy machine I guess the heat it gives off should turn them black or something I dont even know but now Im so pissed Im stuck with 2 45 doller tickes that are useless what the fuck so now im trying to win them on 89x but I doubt it will happen no I let my friend christina down and shes so gonna hate me im a dumbass
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