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Monday, February 21st, 2011
1:37 am
This site still exists! its 2011 now and I still have one of these I think I started this when I was 13 or something, I'm 25 now so its been a while, well peace out for another 3 or 4 maybe 20 years...
Monday, February 11th, 2008
2:40 am
Does anyone even use this shit anymore?
Monday, November 20th, 2006
10:47 pm
ah shit
So much shit has happend in my life since my last post. This has defently been the crazyest year of my entire life.

Current Mood: crazy
Monday, January 30th, 2006
11:17 pm
were back
Sunday, December 18th, 2005
12:15 am
last night I broke up with my girlfriend not because I dont love her any more but because of the problems we have been having. iv never felt this way before it just sucks so bad. I wish there was some way to kill the pain.
Tuesday, July 5th, 2005
11:08 pm
I figured I would post a bit. Today I started a second job, it was alright Im doing the same thing at this other place as my current job, maintenance crap. I have my national regristry coming on the 15th for EMT-B so I have been studying alot for that I shouldnt have waited a year befor doing it becasue im rusty on all the shit. I figure that im gonna fail but atleast Ill find out what the tests are gonna be like than ill know what to study for the retake. Im not looking forward to that at all. but other than that summer is here and ive just been enjoying the weather when its not 95 dagrees atleast. I sold my Jeep a few months ago :( that was a big bummer I just couldnt afford to drive it anymore it was getting like 13 miles to a gallen and my mom sold me her escort so im driving that now. Me and dave are going to ozz fest next month its gonna be so fun I love people watching there because theres so many weirdoes. well I cant think of anythintg else oh by the way I was just wondering who dollface broken is?

Current Mood: cheerful
Sunday, May 22nd, 2005
4:07 pm
this pisses me off every time
You know when you buy thoes long slim jims from 711 or somewere? Well dont you hate it when you try to open it were its already perferated it rips to far to the left or right and misses it and that you can get into it than you try the other side and the samething happens. if you now what im talking about you would know why it pisses me off.
Friday, May 13th, 2005
1:42 am
another post
Tonight Dave, my bro and I went to the northville mental hospital. The place has been compleatly abandon for over a year now except a few secerity guards that watch the place. We got there about 10:30 walked the long walk in and found some new buildings to go in. This is the 3rd time Ive been there and every time we try going into new buildings. There has to be about 30 diffrent buildings on this property they have the outer living corters about 25 of them there each about the size of a elementry schools, these are the buildings we were in. than theres the big main building, its about 12 13 storys tall. that building is ocupied with sucurity advice dont go in there!! than they have the rec building with the gym and everything and they also have a power plant that still feeds the buildings with some power. were entered one of the smaller living courter buildings through a window explored it for a wile and than found a way to the basement were we found tunnels that connect all the buildings than we walked to 2 other buildings through the tunnels it was the coolest abandon place Ive been to yet. maybe not I dont think anything could beat the paper mill. We finally decided to leave and go see the outside of the big main building we walked up to it and walked around and decided it would defently not be a good idea to go in so we headed back we crossed over this big feild to the service road were we walked under some street lights pointing out exactly wear we were than were heard a car coming looked back and saw head lights so we bolted into the woods and hid we watched it drive by like 8 times looking for us with the serch light chris said he lost his damn phone so me and dave went back looking for it we ended not finding it so we left. That was the funnest night Iv had in a long time since thoes night we used to get chased out of ardmore by the cops. woo it was fun! Im going to bed peace

Current Mood: exhausted
Thursday, March 10th, 2005
9:00 pm
Hey every one I just decided to finally post again alot of new stuff has happend I moved out of my moms and in to my own place well half my own place me and my bud dave are roomsmates now in a place in canton its pretty cool here. full indapendance is great we do what ever the heck we want. ive also been going to school for firefighting Im done with my EMT-Basic class and also Fire 1 I still have fire 2 to go but thats not untill september. geez the fire acadmy sucks there all para-military we have to wear uniforms and walk in a straight line on the right side of the hall alot of push ups they suck im kinda a slacker so they made me do them all the time I did the most out of the entire class haha and 2 two times the entire class had to do them beacuse of me we had physical training on the weekends and that sucked too but its all good now im finished till september but than Im gonna get my ass kicked fire 2 is the hard one I should just get all gongho like the rest of the class and not get yelled at so much, but I just cant stand people that are on a power trip telling me what to do, it drives me up the wall. I guess its a good thing I didnt get into the cost guard because I probably would have went insane. but enough about that. Im going to the Slipknot concert saturday and thats gonna be off the hook I cant wait. Than next weekend Im going up to marquette MI to do some awsome snowboarding and visit some friends at NMU thats gonna be real fun. Well I dont really know what else to say oh I got my wisdom teeth out a few months ago it hurt like hell they gave me vicaden thoes things are great I got to keep my teath too. Yea but alright peace.

Current Mood: good
Thursday, October 14th, 2004
6:46 pm
time to update
hey everyone im posting ofcorse its been a wile but I dont know what to write cause no one reads this shit anyways peace

Current Mood: good
Thursday, March 18th, 2004
12:30 am
Hey Im updating again snoawboard season has come to an end, it was the best one ever every year I get better and that opens up so much more sweet stuff to do on the hills this year I mainly went to holly that place is the best place to go down state I went alpine vally a few times that place has the crapyest snow ever its all ice but this year they went crazy with jumps and some rails and fun stuff to do and that place was alot of fun despite the crapy snow I kill both of my butt cheeks on one of the rails it hurt I went to boyne twice thsi year thats always fun tones of stuff to do there I went up to cabrafee with my friends and that place sucks ski patrol are ass wipes we got kicked out long story all i have to say is HEY YOU GOT A LIFT TICKET NOT ANY MORE wooo doo doooo then I went to marquette mountain up in the UP holy crap the place was so damn fun I couldnt belive it its my favorite place yet they have the bigges terain park ever with everything you can think of man that was fun I crashed so bad on this big trianglur jump thing and got it on tape so im gonna send it into outdoor out takes on that OLN channel they should put it on it looks like it hyrt real bad and it did I couldnt breath. well enough with snowboarding I got my license suspended for a month its the worst thing ever I cant drive till april 6th and than after that im on probation for 6 months which means I cant drive anyone but my family thats sucks too but what are you gonna do I got to quit speeding 8 points isnt good when your a teenager. O crap I baught the sweetest thing ever today from guitar center every since I moved in with my mom oh yea I moved in with my mom, my dad was to much of an ass to oftine so she lives in a condo so ovisly I cant play my drums to loud so I went out a bought a electronic drum set I know there goofy but this thing is bad ass so now I can play again and not make alot of noise im addicted to it and its not one of thoes cheap ones its a full set but Im done typing now and im not gonna read this over so if something doesnt make any sence to bad

Current Mood: good
Wednesday, January 21st, 2004
8:49 pm
oh snap
its been a wile but im posting now. so much sweet stuff has happend in the last few months its crazy some shitty stuff has happend too im not joining he cost guard any more long story pissed me off im gonna be a fire man infact I just applyed at scraft snowboard season started holy crap its gotta be my favorite thing to do I think. we just got back from boyn mountain that was off the hook thay have some cool terain parks there and this year I didnt even break a bone I did crash alot though but yea umm I dont know what to write about to im out to hang out with rachel peace

Current Mood: chipper
Saturday, September 13th, 2003
3:38 pm
I havent been so pissed about a bunch of shit befor
so like about a month ago I went out and baoght two tickets to the red hot chilli peppers me christina ryan and his woman were gonna go ryan bought his own and I was like rock and roll so than I had them in my car for a wile and some how they made there way to my dashboard so my car got real hot and the tickets are printed on this paper that if there exposd to heat they turn black so I went to look at them the other day and they turned all black so I was like shit I just figured Id take them to ticket master and get them replaced well they didnt they said its on heat paper so if someone trys to copy them in a copy machine I guess the heat it gives off should turn them black or something I dont even know but now Im so pissed Im stuck with 2 45 doller tickes that are useless what the fuck so now im trying to win them on 89x but I doubt it will happen no I let my friend christina down and shes so gonna hate me im a dumbass

Current Mood: angry
Saturday, August 2nd, 2003
1:23 am
finally im posting. tons of crap has happend holy geez were do I start ummm well Ive been working alot and hanging out. me and my friends go to this place called ardmore its a abandond rehabe center or something like that its so fun the first and secopnd time we went it was all good and no cops showed up but the last 2 times we went they showed dumb bastards it was so fun though we got there and walked around the first coner from the entrence and this guy with his girlfriend jumped out and scared the shit out of us so than we started walking around the place with them and after like an hour and a half we decide to leave and the two people that scared were gonna stay behind so we walked to the enterence and a cop shined hid light in so I turned around a ran my ass off everyone followd me up stares and we found a spot to watch them there was 3 of them so we finally found a way out with out getting caught we were like ninjas than like 3 weeks later we went back and found the roof opening there and got on the roof we chilled there for a wile than watched cops pull up in the drive than we were ninjas again and got out it was wack than a few weeks ago we were bored so we got a sheet and went to this cematery and walked across the road like ghosts scaring the shit out of cars than one called the cops and just when my friends left me there to get the car so they could drive by and see what it looked like a cop pulled up so Im laying in the brush trying not to be seen than finally I ran so fast into so woods behind ryans house and they didnt catxch me than 2 weeks ago I got 2 traffic tickes in 3 day sucked majior ass I went through a oarnge light and a cop on a motorcycle got me stupid fuck #1 than I went up north and another cop got me for speeding stupid fuck #2 well that added up to about 175 dollers and 5 points on my record but what ya gonna do I went up to grayling 2 weeks ago in this ladg called wa wa sum I love it up there I visited Kim at higgins lake that was fun despite how crapy that lake is but hey its water beter that some of the lakes down here I went canoeing than we went up to manistee where my aunt lives I love it up there too but my car broke down up ther so that sucked but I got home and me and my mom and brian and dane went to pennsylvania for some white water wrafting rock hoping and ass slidding down a natural wather slide so much fun I love it down there too but I got a nasty case of poisin ive or oak again it sucks I went to see 311 last night holy smokes it was so damn fun I went with rachel and christina there really cool hang out with them if you get a chance for sure but yea there were alot of drunk people there it was so funny someone baught us some beer a nice lady she was my faviorite stranger for that night than I drove some drunk guys home and got 25 bucks for it im gonna make a new buisness its called driving drunks hme from concerts 20 buck plus 2 dollers a mile well im gonna go to warped tour sunday so ill see if I can make some cash there I dont feel like typing any more so im quitting and im not gonna read this over so if it doesnt make any sence to bad you know why

Current Mood: tired
Thursday, June 12th, 2003
11:28 pm
hey everyone time to post this month was a pretty good month umm I ended up not going to florida and me and russ went to ceder point holy crap so many people but we ended up riding every rollor coster there including the top thrill dragster holy crap that ride is so sweet your sitting there and all of the sudden your going 120 mph in like 3 seconds. befor you go on it you look at it from the ground and you cant belive theres people going over that huge hill. but yea I highly recomend that every one rides that mofo. on to other stuff I graduated this month actually like 4 days ago its sweet not going to school any more now I work and hang out with frinds all the time I went to a cost guardon saturdays theres always graduation partys to go to so I get free food all day long. we had our senior party last sunday it was alot of fun I won a bunch of stuff like 50 dollers worth of gass at shell and 50 doller gft card at target and 25 at walmart and some carhart stuff it was sweet me dave and john made this sweet music video with the welcome to the jungle song it was sweet. and than monday me john dave and ryan was driving through daves sub and we saw a kitchin table so we stuck it in my jeep and took it out to some back roads and tied that mofo up to my car and ryan and john got on it and I pulled them out on the road and got about an eighth of a mile down and got pulled over by a cop he got us all out of the car and took our ID and serched my car and gave us a warning we got so lucky and ya want to know something funny the last day of school I was driving out of the parking lot at school and it was backed up like everyday is and I was borde so I started pushing the gas than the break making my car bounce like hidrolics well a cop saw me and pulled me and this other kid over because he did it too after I did it so we both got warnings I was lucky there too but the next time I get caught doing something stupid im not gonna be lucky and im gonna get payed back for the times I was lucky. But Im pretty sure I broke my thumb so that sucks kinda I like my thumbs because there cool and now one is all swolen and fat and its not going down becasue its been like this since last thursday so I think its broken it feels like a broken bone too and I know what that feels like yep I dont want to type anymore.

Current Mood: bored
Sunday, May 11th, 2003
12:21 am
crap its like half way through the month already and I havent posted, well its been a fun month I got my cast off a few weeks ago and my arm was full of dead skin and all peely and shit it was nasty and my arm is kinda bent alittle. didnt really do anything crazy this month hung out with friends and worked mostly. I got like 3 weeks of school and Im out forever I cant wait and senior skip day is coming and Im going to florida for that I hope, were gonna drive down there and come back. me and my girlfrined broke up becasue she got pissed becasue I was like a half hour late picking her up becasue its not like she ever drives or anything or pay but whatever its all good now. Went to prom last night it was like the funnest thing ever that was school involved last year jr. prom was fun and all but this year I guess it was because I was with all my friends and I didnt care after awile how I looked I dont know it was just fun as shit. the funny thing is is that my girlfriend who broke up with me did it like a week befor prom I guess she asked one of my friends to it the day befor she broke up with me or something and I was kinda screwed untill I found out I could still buy tickets so I went with my best bud lindsay shes so cool and today I went to a mountain bike race at Brighton rec. I placed 1st in my class I road 14.5 miles in and hour and 15 min that was fun. well I think im gonna go to bed I got to go to my mommys tomarro for mothers day so good night

Current Mood: tired
Monday, March 31st, 2003
9:57 pm
Hey everyone time to post yep crazy shit happend this month im typimg with with one hand right not but ill talk about that later. Me and Ryan went to kentucky it was so fun even know nothing real exciting happend we got down there and ate chickin went to wal mart saw all kinds of red necks with missing or black teeth it was funny than on the way home me and ryan started laughing for no reason at all and I thought I was gonna throw up I never laughed so hard in my life. Than another crapy week of school went by and finally the best weekend of snowboardibg came we went to boyne oh shit it was fun the snow sucked but it was still quick it was like 55 dagrees out so we got to snowboard in tee shirts so much fun untill you fall you get all cut up we were gonna snowboard fri sat and sunday but i only made it half way through saterday when I was going off this gimongous jump I was going offit all day than finally i screwed something up and landed one my hand and broke my arm now I have a cast for like 2 months or something and i cant drive so yea it sucks than I got home and went to school all week got into a fight because vacaden makes me do stupid thibgs than went up to my aunth=s in manastee this weekend that was fun than came home and I had in school suspention today and tomarrow I get to hang out with lindsay I cant even wail ok bye bye

I didnt proof read an I typ6ed witth one hand good luck

Current Mood: good
Monday, March 10th, 2003
9:23 pm
havent writin in forever but now I am yea alot has happen latly some of this and some of that I almost saw a fight today but than I didnt my car broke pissed me off still brok and I cant figure it out but I think it will be all good soon hopfully usually im all happy and junk but all I can think about is how I need to drive like a mofo I work like in farmington hills and I live in northville and I need money I want this week to be over with more than anything because next week we have two half days and friday I dont have to come to school me my mom my bro brian and dane are all going up to boyn mountain up north to snowboard ROCK AND ROLL 3 days of nothing but snowboarding I cant even wait and than the weekend after that im going up to crystal mountain with my bro and cousin. but next weekend im going to kentucky on a road trip with my friend ryan its gonna be sweet last weekend we drove to Ohio and turned around Ohio sucks and I think kentucky is gonna to but who cars its a road trip and road trips are fun but yea I dont feel like typing any more peace.

Current Mood: awake
Saturday, February 1st, 2003
12:30 am
yep its the end of the month and a bunch of crazy shit happend we continued riding the barrel I went 40 mph again on it than one day I was out off roading with john and ryan and I got stuck in the huge puttle it sucked because know one could pull me out not even my dads big ass truck so we had to call a recker and it costed my 180 bucks so that sucked than like a few weeks later we found a couch I tied that mofo to the back of my jeep and towed my friends around than I road it it was so fun but I think I only went 30 on it it was comfertable I think I could take a 5 hour trip on a couch tied to a car it would be fun yea the I started dating this girl named Lisa and now shes my girlfriend shes really cool were gonna hang out tomarrow. Than like last week John turned into an ass but what are ya gonna do. I just got back from snowboarding at mt holly oh shit it was fun I trashed my self a few times and got some wickid ass air but only landed like 5 out of like 30 jumps but im gettin beter at landing so next time I think I should have it down but yea Im gonna be sore tomarrow because two of my crash landing I herd crack in my back and my neck so thats not to good but yea all and all im have good times latly so I think thats all im gonna type about for this month.

Current Mood: accomplished
Sunday, January 19th, 2003
12:42 am
OH SHIT!!!! cops sucks like 5 of them. I think im wanted, poor Dave we did a bunch of things and I dont know which one got the cops to come.

Current Mood: worried
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